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Wether you're searching for missing heirs or making a family tree and
searching your roots, in either case we can help.

For accessing personal data less than hundred years old, permission from the court is needed. For older documents anyone can search the archives.

Only a small part of the documents in Belgium is digitalised.
Online databases are a good help to get you started. But to go further, to get everything , to find the "missing link" and retrieve the really intresting details: more than just names and dates an actual visit to the local archives is necessary.

We are experienced genealogists, living in Flanders - Belgium, and familiar with local archives. Over the years we've made countless family trees and
know our way trough the system in Belgium and the neighbouring country's.

Do you have a specific question, do not hesitate to contact us.
You can rely on our personal approach and dedication.

We speak English, French, Dutch, German and Latin

We master old script Click for examples