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Searching in Flanders
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Searching in Flanders ?

I'm working as a professional genealogist for decades
and solved numerous cases.

The Flemish adminstrative system has no more secrets for me.

I search in online databases as well as in old paper archives.
Because a big part of the old documents is still not digtalised,
consulting the paper archives and libraries is a must.

If a document exists: I will find it.
You can count on my personal dedication and persistance.

We (my husband and I) deal with probate cases as well as family pedigrees back until the year 1500. If you're family emmigrated from Flanders , Brussels or the Walloon region we can help you to get a look into their history.

I master old script and we know all relevant languages.

Genealogic help

Geograficly we cover Belgium, including Flanders, Brussel and Walloon region.
If the case extends to neighbouring countries we will continue, after consulting you, or advise a local colleague to further the case.

Under references you can read some peculiar cases we completed.
Apart from all the others:
  -who were looking for a "missing link"
  -craving an explantion on a family history they couldn't grasp.
  -Mormon people tracing back 7 generations of ancestors
  -foreign researchers needing "feet on the ground" to complete their work.
  -genealogists needing help with ancient documents.

Feel free to ask

If you're quest is feasable, I'll be glad to assist.
If I feel it is a wild goose chase: I'll tell you, free of charge.

I work on an hourly rate, all included. Number of hours can be discussed.