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Privacy laws protect all documents relating to private persons.
Thus official records from less than a hundred years old are not accessible.
Unless you can proove that it is necessary for a legal purpose, permission to search will never be granted.

If you need help for the older parts of your family tree, we can be of service.
We live in Flanders, near Antwerp and we will search any archive for birth certificates, decease, marriage, emigration.... We also search in court files, public sales, etc.

Sometimes we find very interesting personal data about people's ancestors.
Such as their profession, a description of their household effects, legal disputes or even a genuine signature from one of them.
This kind of details can make your genealogy come "to live"
Of course there is no guarantee that such info can be found.

It is impossible to predict how much we will find. In some cases we can go back to the fourteenth century, but these are exceptions. Often there are no recods before approximatly 1600, when church registers were fist kept.*

It also happens that no documents have survived, due to fire, mismanagement, war or by deliberate destruction (such as during the "Boerenkrijg" in Flanders (Farmers war, 1789 )).

If you decide to commision us with searching for your ancestors, please take in account that results can never be guaranteed. Send us your family tree and all relevant documents, included the earlies proven ancestors. Based thereon that we will evaluate the possiblities.

*Often the earliest documents to be found are the parish registers, which were introduced in England in 1538 by Henry VIII.

The Roman Catholic Church ordered them to be kept in 1563. Effective implementation however varied according country and region and was not generally achieved before the end of the century.