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Is Helen Fospero related to a crown prince ?

ITV presentor Helen Fospero has reasons to believe that she is of royal blood.

Her family has documents that point to the French royal family
de Bourbon et d'Orleans. The last king of France was Louis Philippe d'Orleans,
also called "le roi citoyen" who fled from France and died in 1850
in Claremont Surrey.

The calling card from one of Helen Fospero 's ancesters, who lived in Temse - Belgium was the first material proof of this claim.
Also a letter was found, writen by the same ancestor to her niece, that discusses their relation to this crown prince and the inheritance from Louis Philippe d'Orleans.

We investigated Helen's familytree and the forementioned claim. We searched and found all the necessary documents to prove, without a shred of a doubt, Helen Fospero 's true family roots.