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We are working as genealogists for over 20 years, and conducting
genealogic researches as our own business since 2004.

We know the local system inside out, are member of the relevant
associations and use specialised software.

Over the years we've worked on all kind of cases, big and small,
average and memorable. But so far we've never failed to find
the persons we were looking for.

Every search is different, every inheritance search is different,
a few special stories however as reference:

* Belgium:
  The largest inheritance in recent Belgian history

On oct 7, 2007 Marie-Antoinette Carlier died, last daughter of Hector Carlier, founder of the Total petrochemical concern. Founded under the name Petrofina. She left an estate of over 200 million euro. Part of her inheritance was destined for charity (The "Koning Boudewijn stichting"). This inheritance and its size were a hot news item in that period and widely covered in the media.

We were commisioned to search for the legal heirs.
Our findings served as evidence in the legal procedings around this mega estate.
Read newspaper article in "De Standaard"

* United Kingdom:
  For ITV

We made research on the familytree of TV presenter Helen Fospero
The rumour went in her family that they were linked to the French Royal family.
In the family archives, documents were found to support that claim.
So we were asked by ITV to investigate.
The result of our search was incorporated in an ITV program on genealogy.
Read more

* Canada:
  Homeless and no identity

The estate of an old lady, including a house in Antwerp, had as main benificiary her son who emigrated to Canada about 30 years before her death. Nothing was heard from him ever since. No trace was found in any official record.

Finally we tracked him in Canada, living in a caravan in the middle of nowhere. When we reached him on his cell phone he explained his passport and all official documents were destroyed by humidity and he did'nt have an official address. Neither did he have money to rent a flat. In the end however
it got sorted out .

* USA:
  For the US Army

For the US army, Casualty Office, Past conflict repatriation Branch,
Located Fort Knox KY. We helped with the indentification of past conflict casualties.

We found family members of these soldiers to help with the identification (trough DNA comparison) and repatriation of these soldiers remains.