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We contacted you because our research has determined that you are, most probably, the rightfull owner of some unclaimed assets.

This research has been ordered by a notary, a lawyer, an insurance company
or another adminstration.

We never ask you for payments of any kind and only gather information
on behalf of our client.

Researches like this are ordered when for example someone dies intestate
(without leaving a will) and the heirs are unknown or if an heir can't be found.
In case of intestate the heritage is devided in fixed proportions among the family as laid down by law. It is not unusual however that the family is unknown and hard to find.

If the rightfull owners can't be found or if nothing is done, the estate will,
after a certain period, be transferred to the state.

To confirm your identity, speed up the investigation and check the info required, we ask for copies of your documents and will ask for information on your family, in an informal conversation.

When all the missing heirs have been found, we will inform our client on the results and only then, he will contact you to complete the transfer of the assets involved.

Your personal details and contact information will never be disclosed to the other benificiaries, only to our client.