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Professional research can be needed when researching your family's history.

Off course there are countless databases available online.
And the websites claim it 's dead simple, just pay your montly membership fee, and it's a piece of cake.

Unfortunatly there are lots of obstacles
  • Finding out which database is relevant
  • Databases can contain unverified/faulty data
  • Understanding the local language
  • In older manuscrips: reading the old handwriting can be quite challenging
  • And last but not least: many documents can not be found online,
        visits to local archive is often needed

  • A local professional can be a solution to further your searches and complete the missing links. Including professional translation of documents from local languages to a readable English text.

    We can read and translate old handwritings an translate them from Dutch, French, English or Latin to an understandable readable English text.

    That way you will discover much more than just names and dates.

    No offence, but a family tree with just the dates and places of birth, marriage and death can become a bit boring and meaningless.

    The original dcuments will often contain much more info:
  • Such as their profession
  • Could they write ?
  • What was their social status
  • Their will shows an inventory of the household
  • Did they ever hold an official capacity as alderman or...
  • Plans of the cadastre or village maps can be found as far back as 1700
  • The documents can give insight in your ancestors reason for immigration:
      -- were they forced to emmigrate (political or economical or for religion)
      -- were they more the adventurer type
      -- did they reunite with emigrated family ...


    How far back can we go ?
    That depends from many circumstances,
    but in general most familytrees can go back until around 1600.
    In some cases we even got as far as 1560

    Here some examples of translations Click for examples